Having a balanced diet can go along way to improving and maintaining the health of your hair. That’s right, what you put in your mouth will affect all of your body, and this includes your hair. The right nutrients can affect the way your hair feels and also looks.

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So why does your diet matter so much?
Just like any other part of your body, your hair also needs a good diet to keep up the overall health.

Protein is one such example.

Your hair is actually made up of mostly protein. If you eat little protein, you are likely to have very bad hair. You require protein for your hair to grow.

As such, not enough protein can also cause you to start shedding hairs at an unhealthy rate. Adding more protein to your diet is any easy fix for such a case.

As well as protein you also need Iron for healthy hair. Not getting enough iron can also cause hair loss. If you don’t eat a lot of meat you need to be careful here as meat is a great source of protein. Iron from plants is actually not absored as well as from meat. So if you are a vergetarian, make sure you are eating foods high in iron or supplement with iron.

So the problem often comes when one is trying to lose weight. Strict diets will often coincide with hair issues. Webmd even reports that some doctors are able to tell just from a patients here if they are on a dieting. Be careful not to go on a super strict diet that drastically redues calories.

This is always a bad idea for a heap of other reasons, not just your hair. However in the context of your hair and it’s health, this sort of diet is likely to cause some hair loss. If you are substantially overweight e.g. 15 or more pounds, some hair loss is almost unavoidable if you choose to lose this weight.

Finding the right hairstyle is not simply a matter of choosing the latest, most fashionable cut. There is much more involved. Selecting the best style depends on personality, skin type, face shape, lifestyle, and the look an individual wants to achieve. Usually, getting the best cut and style relies on balancing all these factors.

Finding the right hairstyle is often a matter of choice. However, what works for one women may not work for another. Whether a woman wants a short, chin length, shoulder length, or longer style, the hair cut must be one she can work with on a daily basis. If time is in short supply, a style that requires little maintenance is a good idea.

One idea for chin length hair, is a bob that angles back slightly, so the back is slightly shorter than the front. This is a trendier version of an older bob style and looks good on any hair color. It also works with many face shapes. It works best when a woman wants to frame her face and highlight certain features, such as high cheek bones. It’s not the best style for those who want to draw attention away from the chin. The front can be swept to the side, to draw attention to the forehead and eyes, or for a more dramatic look.choice of hairstyles

For long hair, a low maintenance style is cut at graduating lengths, with blunt cut bangs across the front. While this is a simple 60’s type of style, it can be modernized by sweeping the bangs across the forehead to one side, or by adding a decorative hair clip to one side. This style requires no styling with an iron and is great for women with long hair who want to wash it and forget it or use a hair dryer on occasion.

For short, wavy hair, a tousled pixie cut looks attractive and requires little to no care. The sides and back are short, while bangs are trimmed at different lengths, to add volume to the style. This is an ideal solution for women of all ages and all hair colors. It works well for many face shapes, but looks especially cute on fuller, rounder faces. The bangs can be worn straight down, or across the forehead. The layers can be curled with a thin iron, for special occasions or for a fuller look.

Women with wavy long hair can do quite a bit with a wavy shag that comes to a ‘V’ in the back. This style can be worn up, can be curled, or simply left straight, for a more casual look. It works with hair that has highlights and hair of all colors. It also works with a variety of face shapes. To highlight or frame the face, adding soft curls to the layers closest to the face can create a more feminine look.

Curly long hair can also be easy to maintain, with the right hairstyle. A center part and loose ringlets framing the face help show off facial features. Usually, the hair is cut slightly longer in back than the front. This style can be enhanced with styling tools, but can also be wash and wear, simply by towel drying and adding a few curls with an iron. It can be swept up on top of the head, for a more formal look or occasion, while letting a small wisp of hair hang on each side.

Older women who want long styles can try gentle ringlets, with or without bangs. If bangs are not an option, the front can be curled to give the forehead some depth. Longer bangs curled back will also add depth to the forehead and can help women achieve a more youthful look.

Styles for older women can also include pixie cuts with an edgy twist, brushing some hair forward or back, to highlight various features or achieve more height. Adding highlights will give a razor pixie cut a tailored look that suits the individual and can be worn for both formal and casual occasions.

A woman’s hairstyle is about personality and personal preference, with some consideration for lifestyle and face shape. However, most women are not limited to a single choice, whether hair is long, medium, or short. Many styles can be enhance with highlights or a color change, for a fresh, new look.

I came across this video whilst looking at different hairstyles. It is a video for guys, but I still thought it was interesting for a bit of perspective. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think in the comments. New article to come shortly on Womens hairstyles and how to choose them. So stay tuned :)


1. Brushing your hair helps, the natural oils get distributed throughout your hair and benefits will include hair that is less likely to experience breakage and a shiner look. It is also thought that through brushing your hair regularly you may infarct no longer need as many hair care products as the natural brushing will do some of the work for you. However it is obviously best to see the results of brushing whilst continuing to use the same hair care products. After you have seen the overall affect for a couple of months you may then want to consider reducing the amount of prouct you are using in your hair.

*Hot tip: Brush from the bottom of your hair rather from the root in order to remove some of the tangles in your hair.

2. Brushing your hair when it is wet is actually a no no. You can use a combe to stop tangles whilst your hair is wet however for best results you should wait until your hair is fully dry before doing any brush whatever. A very simple but often missed tip that will help the health of your hair more than you think.

3. Be aware of your shampoo & it’s ingredients

Unfortunately a lot of shampoos you buy in stores will have toxic ingredients. Whilst there is laws and regulations, they only go so far. Chemicals used in many mainstream shampoo brands can damage your hair. This can often lead you into a cycle of purchasing more products to fix the damage caused by other products. Educate yourself of ingredients and what to avoid. A good rule of thumb is that if you are not sure what the ingredients are then it is best to stay away from this. How to get rid of dandruff is a good website that provides a very basic level of advise on some of these issues, as well as addressing how to eliminate dandruff. However it is best to also do your own research on the matter to ensure you are making the correct decision. After all, this is your own hair and health that is at stake, so it’s best to know what you are actually putting on your hair and how this may affect things. Some products can actually cause things such as an itchy scalp, dandruff and other hair issues. Be selective and make educated choices.

4. Treat dandruff naturally
Where possible try to treat dandruff naturally. There is a rang of home remedies for dandruff that you can find on the internet. Choose a couple and see what sort of results it yields, whilst also keeping the amount of over the counter products you use to a reasonable level. Well known remedies include, Apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, baking soda and lemon juice. You do not need the next crazy product to treat an issue like dandruff. Try and keep things relatively simple. I would recommend checking out dandruff home remedies, if you want to know more on the topic.
Natural hair
5. Consider your diet
Your hair is linked to your overall health. Whilst you can be unhealthy and have good hear, a sign off unhealthy hair is often a sign of other health problems or conditions that need to be addressed. The same is often true for skin issues. Therefore, nutrition and a balanced diet is super important for maintaining glowing and healthy hair. This is particular true for women with longer hair. And remember, a balanced diet does not mean supplementing with expensive supplements and pills to try and fix the issue which is being caused by an unhealthy diet. People are always after a quick fix, my advise is, get things right from the start so you have less issues to fix.

When possible, try and get your advise off people who don’t have a motive or something to sell. Get things right from the start and your body and hair will thank you in the long run.

imagesWe all want to avoid split ends and dry hair. Obviously from a hair styling point of view it makes things difficult and it’s just not a great look overall. Whilst it is normal to experience these issues, using a deep conditioner is one way to reduce or eliminate these sorts of issues.It you do struggle with damaged hair or dry hair, it is best to use deep conditioners once or more per week. Depending on your hair you may need to use it more often, but once a week is a good starting point. Women’s hair.com provides some great info on recommended deep conditioners. I encourage you to go and check this site out, but remember make your own decision and educate yourself, don’t just blindly follow advise that is not tailored to your specific circumstances.

When using a deep conditioner, there is four main steps that you should keep in mind. The whole point of deep conditioning is to bring back the moisture into your hair, stregenthen it and give it that overal healthy look. This includes not just your hair, but your scalp too. Therefore it is important to do it right.

1.Washing your hair prior to conditioning is important. Washing your hair first will remove any dirty, products and build up that is likely to decrease the effectiveness of the deep conditioner. Especially if you are paying a lot for a deep conditioner, you don’t want to be reducing it’s effectiveness by simply not washing your hair prior to using it.

2.Use a deep conditioner that has natural ingredients. For example, coconut oil, and olive oil. These are oils that are able to get right into the follicle and as such, results will be better.

3.Using heat will let the deep conditioner penetrate better. It is recommended to cover your hair with a shower cap or something similar before adding heat. Let this sit for about 15-30 minutes before washing off. Suggested ways of heat include using a blow dryer (although be careful as this can sometimes cause other issues depending on your hair) or hooded dryer if you have access to one. If not, you can use a towel that is wet with warm water.

4.Finally, when rinsing the deep conditioner, do so with cold water. By doing this you will be letting your hair retain moisture, which of course is vital.

These four tips are courtesy of urbanbushbabes.com. For futher information I recommend you to visit this site, it has great information on a range of styling and hair care topics.

Be sure to check this above video out on deep conditioning. It provides some interesting insight and has become very popular on youtube.